Posted by: Grant | March 22, 2015

Global Governance – The Threat

commissarThe most alarming thing about the putsch for global governance at the U.N. to save-da-planet is that it is designed make the “Masses” suffer so they will revolt against their capitalist masters.

Why alarming?
The putsch is designed to make the fundamental basis of our prosperous modern society, our energy system, dysfunctional.

You can put up windmills and solar panels and install a huge battery bank and try to grow your own biodiesel on your remote hobby farm, but you cannot apply that globally.
It cannot be scaled up to replace a system that took three generations and trillions of dollars to build. (see sidebar)
You cannot store gigawatts of power in lead acid batteries.
There is no such thing as “Alternative” power because there is no way of storing it. Coal, oil and gas are vast reservoirs of stored energy.
“Renewable” energy is so dilute and dispersed that you will cause significant environmental problems just trying to collect enough of it.
Trying to store the dilute and dispersed energy from “Renewable” power “farms” adds an order of magnitude more cost.
Like the Carnot Cycle, that order of magnitude cost is intrinsic. You use energy storing energy and you lose energy retrieving it.
Also, the means of storing “Renewables” it is still all theoretical. It has not been demonstrated on a large-scale. Limited experimental success has not been touted because the cost of the power produced can only be described as astronomical with no obvious way of improving the intrinsic, inherent, storage losses.

Then there is biofuel. Trying to run the global fleet of ships, trucks, trains and aeroplanes on vast monoculture plantations would be an environmental disaster, vulnerable to pest and plague.

So what is the harm in trying to be Green?

ONE   They do not know what they are doing. They are FORCING implementation of unproven energy systems in the vain hope that they can be made to work.

TWO   We have a highly efficient, well-developed, non-polluting and cheap system of power generation and supply. The efficacy of that well-oiled system is disrupted when it is forced to sit and idle, waiting for the wind to die down and the clouds to clear.

THREE   We finish up with very expensive “renewable power”  which has to be backed up 100% by regular power which has been made very expensive by forcing it to remain idling on standby for extended periods.

FOUR   Proponents are inherently anti-human, they treat humanity as a disease despoiling the planet. Their misanthropy is manifested by their rejection of the one demonstrated successful solution, Nuclear Power.

Here is what I mean by “FORCING” unproven energy systems –

The Coming Climate Court
The proposed Paris agreement is another reach for global power
By Chris Horner – Sunday, March 8, 2015

” …This text agreed to for negotiation by the federal government includes a remarkable proposal. Buried deep inside, it proposes an “International Climate Justice Tribunal in order to oversee, control and sanction the fulfilment [sic] of and compliance with the obligations of Annex I and Annex II Parties under this agreement and the [1992 UNFCCC climate treaty]…”




  1. You might want to look to Canada as it plumbs new depths in the climate change realm. Prime Minister Justin (looking for a selfie opportunity) Trudeau has renamed the former Environment Canada as “Environment and Climate Change Canada”.

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