Posted by: Grant | June 15, 2015

Climate Change Staggers On – Mortally Wounded

~meI haven’t posted on this blog for some time now.

The huge “renewable” industry are trying to keep the gravy train rolling, but they are losing. Simple fact is that they were given the chance to prove themselves and they failed. Plaintively calling for more and more funding cannot overcome the credibility gap from their failed promises. The wind does NOT “always blow somewhere” and the Sun keeps going behind clouds and the horizon.

Journalists are finding that the issue no longer runs. The public have moved on. There is a limit to sensational alarmism on any issue as we saw recently with saving the Great Barrier Reef which is obviously doing rather well.

The thing that really killed it was doubt.

It was a serious error to claim that global warming was human-caused (buzz word – anthropogenic) and then having to explain away why it stopped. Even if global warming returns, they still have to explain why it stopped and why it will not stop again!

Politicians noticed early on that the Alarmists were almost all Leftists. The public have now noticed this. The public have also noticed the lack of debate. To dismiss opposition and to not engage in debate was a serious error.

Where are we now?

The powers-that-be, the “policy makers”, have come to realise that “Climate Change” is a spiritual belief dressed up as science. If you have to get elected you don’t offend peoples spiritual beliefs, but you also do not take them seriously.

Climate change will slowly die out as the vested interests now slowly get de-funded.

It was a nice try, but the revolution for “Global Governance” via a New-world-order at the United Nations to save-da-planet has failed.



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