Posted by: Grant | June 24, 2015

Medical Emergency – Ha Ha Ha

docThe mainstream media are treating it with the contempt it deserves, but even the leftist media are getting a little uncomfortable about dutifully passing on this patently absurd claptrap.

23 Jun 2015 – 8:04pm
Climate change health risk a ‘medical emergency’, Lancet experts warn

The ABC and SBS Greenies couldn’t quite call it “alarmist”, settling for “alarming” instead.

There are ridiculous claims by these 40 greenies about road accidents, rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke and cardiovascular disease. The “may” “could” “likely” “can” report is noteworthy, however, for equating the essential trace gas carbon dioxide with toxic pollutants. It just blandly ignores real pollution such as the lack of power station scrubbers in the third world, and the millions of deaths ( ) from cooking fire pollution.


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