Posted by: Grant | September 27, 2015

Climate Change Denial Guide

~meFirst, Climate Change is NOT science. It is a spiritual belief. It is the belief that modern western civilisation is always intrinsically environmentally problematic.

Finding solutions to those perceived problems is particularly attractive to leftist politics which loves identifying issues and solving them with penalties, rules, regulations and by confiscating and redirecting resources.

Climate Change is not science because science must be able to be debated and discussed and this is almost never engaged in.
The following superstitious beliefs are never debated,

BELIEF ONE – That the biosphere is unable to absorb, harmlessly or even beneficially, the output from burning fossil fuels. Actually all green plants are hungry for the gas and absorb it greedily along with more sunlight and water in photosynthesis.

BELIEF TWO – That carbon dioxide is the main global greenhouse gas. Wrong. Water vapour is the Earth’s GHG. It is thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide. 

BELIEF THREE – That a human-caused perturbation in global temperature is different to all other perturbations in global temperature in that it alone will cause global humidity to rise dangerously with a “greenhouse” effect. Without this assumption there is no significant problem – even doubled, CO2 is a trivial GHG.

BELIEF FOUR – That the global temperature is otherwise stable, therefore if it does warm it must be human-caused. This is the doctrine that the Earth is perfect and static and anything bad must be human-caused. 

BELIEF FIVE – That our air temperature is a real-time function of “greenhouse” radiation effects. Actually heat from the Sun and the Earth’s interior is buffered by the oceans and radiated back to space at the poles via gigantic, hugely complex, self-regulating, convective systems on a very long time scale. Heating the Earth with more CO2 is like trying to heat your bathwater with a fan heater. 

BELIEF SIX – That a slight warming will be all disastrous. This, again, is the doctrine that the Earth is perfect and stable and humans must be a problem. Actually there would be good effects and there would be bad effects and the good effects could greatly compensate for the bad effects. We do not know.

BELIEF SEVEN – That warming will change climate. Climate is caused by relative temperatures driving the global hydrological and meteorological cycles, not overall global temperature. How and when an increase in global temperature would affect a particular climate is just not predictable and not necessarily bad.
BELIEF EIGHT – The Causing-all-the-bad-weather theory. Perhaps we should wait for the globe to warm significantly. We haven’t been accurately recording global temperature or global meteorology long enough to establish a nexus. Plus, why is it always bad? What if the Globe is warming and there are some minor bad effects but the good effects far outweigh them?!

BELIEF NINE – The Causes-all-the-bad-weather-storms theory – That global warming will agitate the atmosphere and cause more storms. This is not science. They just made it up as they went along and got away with it because it sounds plausible. Agitating the atmosphere and causing severe drought at the same time is not yet reconciled – not surprisingly.

BELIEF TEN – Sea level rise. For various reasons it would take a very long time for a rise in the GHG effect to melt that much ice – a very, very, long time. Far exceeding the useful lifetime of any affected coastal infrastructure.

BELIEF ELEVEN – Pacific islands are threatened by melting icecaps. Wrong.These are coral atolls, they rise and fall with the sea level because coral can grow faster than the icecaps can melt and the waves can wash them away.

BELIEF TWELVE – Glaciers are melting. There are tens and tens of thousands of large glaciers. Nobody has ever made a representative study of them. A study would have to balance temperature effects with precipitation in the catchment and would rapidly get very complicated!



  1. grant thanks for your efforts. when i was first looking for info on global warming after watching al gores film and not finding what i was looking for on Wikipedia , i found yor site ( not this one but the other one you ran first) and it set me on the path of sceptic . thanks again

  2. Thankyou Paul that’s nice of u

  3. been reading your blog for a while and was wondering if you have any thoughts on this:

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