Posted by: Grant | May 10, 2016

Big Lie

Here’s a good one. The leftist South Australian Government causes the ancient Port Augusta power station to close by forcing it to idle on standby whenever “Green Power” is available, thus destroying the Station’s efficiency and making the power it produces just as extremely expensive as the “renewable power” it is forced to favour.
This is then announced in the media as being forced to close due to competion from “renewables”, as if the “renewables” were more efficient!
The town of Port Augusta has been dealt a staggering blow from which it will not recover.
The State of South Australia now has power costing A$150–214/MWh for wind power, and A$400–473/MWh for solar instead of 91/MWh (“levelised”, doctored, cost of electricity) and must rely on the State of Victoria for baseload power on calm days and at night.
Their baseload power now comes from so-called “dirty” brown coal power stations over a thousand kikometers distance with huge, expensive, transmission losses.
Bizarre world we live in innit?
Dr Goebbels would be proud of them.

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