Posted by: Grant | November 26, 2016

Pauline Hanson Defending The Reef Industry.

There is nothing wrong with the Great Barrier Reef.
It has been “dying” for decades.
I am old enough to remember pictures of people snorkeling around stabbing unfortunate Crown Of Thorn starfish back in the 1970’s (nice work if u can get it!).
A large University was established up there and ever since we have been paying for jobs for the graduates to “save the reef”.
The locals always smiled indulgently at the greenies, most of their tourists were green sympathizers.
They are not smiling anymore.

Now, not many tourists are greenies and they don’t want to pay to see a dying reef.
The tourism industry is reeling because items like this hysterical Aljazeera piece have created the impression that The Reef is already badly damaged and not worth looking at anymore. (Aljazeera English has infected itself with BBC greenies)

Pauline has noticed that the Green attack has also badly affected the two other big industries in Queensland, mining and farming, and jumped in.
Instead of the normal journalists’ fully-paid-for junket to see the reef dying, we, at last, see a journalists’ fully-paid-for junket to see the reef tourist industry dying. Well, a free trip to paradise is a free trip to paradise after all, and a Pauline sensation is as good to the editor as any tired old doomsday greenie sensation.

So accustomed to going completely unchallenged, the green counter attack was surprisingly unsophisticated, namely – “She went to a healthy part of the reef”. capture-2
That begs the obvious question in the viewer – well perhaps the greenies have been only showing us the small unhealthy part of the reef that they want us to see. How much of a threat is there anyway? Touche’ and voilĂ !

This is why we have Hansen back, The Donald and Brexit.



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