Posted by: Grant | December 23, 2016

Aussie Conservatives Insult Our Intelligence

Having learned nothing from Brexit and the election of Donald Trump and Pauline Hansen, the Liberal Party Government of Australia have decided to force the battling aussie motorist into burning a perfectly good food crop in their cars as fuel.
The National (Country) Party have done a deal to have E10 or alcohol blend fuel forced onto the public.
The public have ignored them.
So the Government have cynically claimed that regular unleaded petrol is “dirty” because has a high sulphur content and so it must be banned.

The fact that E10 and unleaded premium, which is not banned, is all made from the same so-called high sulphur oil, and we import most of our oil, is conveniently ignored.
The public have noticed they are being manipulated – they are not stupid.

The outrageous hypocrisy of claiming that the socialists are forcing artificial solutions on the electricity market to save-da-planet while they do exactly the same thing to the petrol market is exactly why the voter is deserting them and desperately searching for alternatives at the ballot box.

Given an artificial, mandated, market on a platter, the northern cane farmers, like the southern power generators will be given a license to print money at our expense.


DECEMBER 21 2016
Australia’s most popular type of petrol – unleaded – could be phased out within two years
Matthew Knott Bevan Shields–unleaded–could-be-phased-out-within-two-years-20161221-gtft1v.html

BTW – an interesting side issue is that the blatantly leftist ABC News department simply ignored this silly season propaganda putsch. No free kicks for the conservatives saving-da-planet!


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