Posted by: Grant | December 27, 2016

The Road Toll – NOT

grantapril2013bThe Australian Road Toll is the hundreds of ordinary people who have lost their jobs, lost their homes, had a family break-up struggled to pay huge fines and finished up in our overcrowded jails.
Then there is the thousands of law enforcement officers denied a proper Xmas holiday so they can be out on the roads harassing us with ever more draconian laws in a futile attempt to reduce the “road toll” to zero.

Our Road Toll was never to high.
Millions of people get into millions of cars and drive around and around on Xmas – it is minor miracle that so few are killed or injured.
Our road toll is 5.4 deaths per hundred thousand people. The global average is 17.4 –
N.Z. is 7 per hundred thousand people
USA is 10.6 per hundred thousand people
Europe is 9.3 per hundred thousand people
Canada is 6 per hundred thousand people

It has become very difficult for young people to get a license – more and more are excluded by disadvantage and disability. It is even harder for them to keep it. Many just give up.
It is time for us to question the cost to our society of parliamentary road safety committees and their ever more draconian measures.
We need to set a more realistic goal for the road toll and to wind back the cost to ordinary people of law enforcement and punitive measures.


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