Posted by: Grant | January 24, 2017

Alternative Facts From The Left/Liberals

For the sake of balance here are some pre-existing “Alternative Facts” from the leftist/liberals side of politics:-


FACT – Climate Change is a spiritual belief – a prophesy of doom with devoted acolytes.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Climate Change is science and science can be decided by consensus and popular vote.

FACT – Climate Change proponents are generally leftist/liberals and opponents are generally rightist/conservatives.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Climate Change is put forward by concerned scientists with no political or economic agenda.

FACT – all green plants on earth and ocean are hungry for the gas carbon dioxide and absorb it greedily along with more sunlight and water in photosynthesis. The biosphere has always prospered with previous high carbon levels.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – the biosphere is unable to absorb, harmlessly or even beneficially, the output from burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are not natural, therefore bad.

FACT – water vapour is the Earth’s GHG. It is thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That carbon dioxide is the main global greenhouse gas.

FACT – even doubled, Carbon dioxide is a trivial GHG.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That a human-caused perturbation in global temperature is different to all other perturbations in global temperature in that it alone will somehow cause global humidity to rise dangerously with a “greenhouse” effect.

FACT – The global temperature is not static – it constantly varies all by itself.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That the global temperature is otherwise stable, therefore if it does warm it must be human-caused. The Earth is perfect and static and anything bad must be human-caused and anything human caused must be bad.

FACT – heat from the Sun and the Earth’s interior is buffered by the oceans and radiated back to space at the poles via gigantic, hugely complex, self-regulating, convective systems on a very long time scale. Heating the Earth with more CO2 is like trying to heat your bathwater with a fan heater.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That our global temperature is a real-time function of atmospheric “greenhouse” radiation effects.

FACT – global warming would have good effects and bad effects and the good effects could greatly compensate for the bad effects. We do not know.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That a slight warming will be all disastrous. The Earth is perfect and stable and humans must always be causing a problem.

FACT – how and when an increase in global temperature would affect a particular climate is just not predictable and not necessarily bad.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – that warming will change all climate badly.

FACT – we haven’t been accurately recording global temperature or global meteorology long enough to establish a connection between warming and extreme weather.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – the Causing-all-the-bad-weather theory – Climate Change is here and now.

FACT – There is no causal connection between storms and Global Warming – they just made that up as they went along and got away with it because it sounds plausible. Agitating the atmosphere and causing severe drought at the same time is still a work in progress.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – The Causes-all-the-bad-weather-storms theory – that global warming will agitate the atmosphere and cause disastrous storms.

FACT – Sea level rise. For various reasons it would take a very long time for a small rise in the Earth’s GHG effect to melt that much ice – a very, very, long time. Far exceeding the useful lifetime of any affected coastal infrastructure.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Large puddles will form on kilometre thick ice sheets and seep down to break them up and cause them to “slide off” to accelerate the melting and rapidly drown coastal cities.

FACT – coral atolls rise and fall with the sea level because coral must be submerged at a shallow depth and can grow faster than the icecaps can melt and the waves can wash the coral away.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Pacific islands are not only threatened by melting icecaps they are already going under!

FACT – there are tens and tens of thousands of large glaciers on Earth. Nobody has ever made a representative study of them and such a study would have to balance temperature effects with precipitation in the catchment and would rapidly get very complicated!
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Glaciers are melting due to climate change – no other reason.


  1. The fact that both sides are presented so well is a hurdle. But the real problem is the attention climate change receives. It is such a minor part of our destruction. We should be more concerned about our amount of waste. We have become such a reliant throw away society, that the real destruction of the earth is our waste, which is likely more prevalent in first world society.

    • Thankyou for reading my Blog. The biggest waste I see is the waste on “renewable” energy which soaks up our money yet does not provide reliable power.

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