Posted by: Grant | January 28, 2017

Alternative Facts – Electricity

FACT – A modern coal fired power station is a masterpiece of 100 years of mechanical engineering. It is the most thermally efficient fuel burning machine on the planet.
Located well outside the city it serves, it sends cheap power down a single corridor and captures tonnes of sulphuric acid, fly ash and all other pollutants from its furnaces and emits only harmless carbon dioxide, water vapour and warm water into the environment.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Coal fired power stations are outdated, dirty and polluting.

powerFACT – Our power bills started to “necessarily skyrocket” when the leftist/liberals adopted Climate Change as a cause célèbre and started to mandate “renewable power”. Our power bills more than doubled to try to make “renewables” more viable.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – The RET (Renewable Energy Target) and the Carbon Tax are only a small portion of our power bills, high power bills are caused by network costs – “gold plated poles and wires”.

FACT – “Renewable” power generators cannot provide baseload power because there is no practical energy storage system for them.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – “Renewable” power generators just need development of technology to become a real alternative for the gigawatts of power we consume daily. We can invent anything we need.

FACT – Mandating preference for “Renewable” power generation forces existing power stations to idle on standby and destroys their efficacy and efficiency and thus hugely increases the cost of their power.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – “Renewable” power generation is now cheaper than coal and it can freely compete with coal.

FACT – Nuclear Power is the only demonstrated viable alternative to fossil fuel generators. Four major accidents in 60 years, including a worst case scenario at Chernobyl, have proven it safe and effective. France has run on Nuclear Power for 50 years with no problems.
The explosion of tonnes of high level radiation into the environment at Chernobyl has had no discernible, measurable, negative effects. People have also lived on happily unaffected in the Fukushima zone.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Nuclear Power is dangerous and the storage of high level waste is a big problem.

FACT – Hydro electricity is very useful for supplementing base load power and it provides cheap clean renewable energy for many decades. It submerges a very small area of land but it is limited in scale by the number suitable dam sites in most countries.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Hydro is evil because it blocks rivers, inundates land, stops greenies in kayaks and affects some wild life.

FACT – Over 1 million houses have solar panels. These produce power in the middle of the day when it is not needed and all the people who live in apartments have to pay for the power the panels put back into the grid when it is not needed. Most of the houses only have a few panels which go nowhere near their power needs. In total, despite a huge cost, these millions of panels now contribute less than 1% of the volume of electricity that we need in our homes.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Over 1 million homes have solar panels which now contribute 9% of our generating capacity.

FACT – Lithium batteries such as the Tesla are not needed to store solar power for homes. Lead acid deep cycle batteries are better developed and cheaper – but still ridiculously expense.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Lithium batteries will solve the energy storage problem for rooftop P.V. when the price comes down. We can just invent anything we need to these days.

FACT – Turning around the world’s fossil-fuel-based energy system is a truly gargantuan task. That system now has an annual throughput of more than 7 billion metric tons of hard coal and lignite and more than 3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. This adds up to more than 14 trillion watts of power. And its infrastructure – coal mines, oil and gas fields, refineries, pipelines, trains, ships, power plants, transformers, transmission and distribution lines, constitutes the costliest and most extensive set of installations, networks, and machines that the world has ever built, one that has taken generations and tens of trillions of dollars to put in place. It is the work of generations of engineers.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – It is possible to displace this supersystem in a decade or two. Replacing it with a more complex system by inventing solutions to the as yet unsolved issues of the new technology.

FACT – Solar and wind power is very diffuse and dispersed. The shear weight and volume of the generators becomes a severe environmental problem as they are scaled up to provide our large scale power needs. The amount of metal, plastics and oil and energy they consume is astronomical and they need constant care and maintenance.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Once they are erected “renewables” generate free power.

FACT – Sadly, Solar and Wind is now big business. It employs thousands of people and is worth may billions per year. Never has so much been spent on so many for so little result. This huge industry was created by leftists to protect their save-da-planet ideology. No matter how useless and disappointing, it is difficult for such a large industry to be dismantled, they all vote.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Solar and Wind are a big success, producing valuable infrastructure, and will employ more and more people.


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