Posted by: Grant | February 12, 2017

Michael Mann Pops Up In Oz Heatwave.

capture-1Micheal Mann has turned himself into professional victim and gone on the talk circuit.

Now, while his fellow Americans are saying “yeah I got 30 inches of global warming in my yard” he is probably not going to sell many tickets for a doomsday warming, so with exquisite timing he pops up in the middle of an Australian heatwave – ca-ching!

You will listen in vain on the AUS ABC to hear specifically why he was attacked. You can google “hockey stick graph” and find out the whole sordid story.

He published a graph which was featured prominently by the UN IPCC in a Climate Change Report.

He converted tree rings into a graph of global temperature which showed that all other accepted temperature proxies and historical records were wrong, there was no medieval warm period or little ice age, and he then used a very creative flourish to add actual recorded temperature measurements onto the end of his tree ring graph results which then showed a sudden upswing in global temperature (like an ice hockey stick). Some outraged scientists got hold of his paper and found that he had calculated his tree ring temperature results in such a way that it would always produce the same result no matter what data was put in and that’s when the politicians got involved.

Now as far as leftists are concerned all he did was publish a graph which “illustrated” global warming and as such he “illustrated” what “all scientists” agree with. It doesn’t matter if the science he used was valid or not. He was just “illustrating” what was true and as such it was perfectly acceptable.

To claim he is a victim of “deniers” and vile abuse just simply begs the question – why?

I am reminded of the Christian analogy with doubting Thomas the Saint who had the temerity to question the resurrection – “29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:24-29.

Blessed are those who have not seen proof of Climate Change and yet have believed! Of course. Here is me thinking it was all science and could be questioned and debated. Silly me.

We now live in an era of “alternative facts” and faith-based science. 


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