Posted by: Grant | February 28, 2017

Pay Up – Or Your Power Bill Gets It.

Severely discredited by the massive FAIL of the save-da-planet power grid, the massive Renewables/Research industry are charging about like a wounded elephant.
They managed to get this item up on the evening news but paid a big penalty for it. 

The Item points out:-

1.6 million Australian houses now have useless solar panels.
The case quoted for putting power back is now down to a 3c per Kwh feed-in tarrif
He says he saves $40 a quarter, $160 a year
He paid $3000 for his panels, he will pay for his panels in 18 years – if they last that long.
He still has to pay $360 a year to be on the power grid and his power is now over 30c per Kwh.

To ad insult to injury he is told that he needs a $10,000 storage battery to make the useless solar panels pay.
He is still has to wait 20 years to pay off the battery – if it lasts that long – how long does your phone battery last?

So why would anyone fall for this?

Well, they are blackmailed into it by the threat of ever increasing power prices which have nearly doubled since save-da-planet leftists started forcing “renewables” onto us.
The industry created an expensive problem so they can provide a expensive solutions.
People are desperately trying to save themselves from exponential power bills.

What would happen if 1.6 million homes bought a storage battery?
Well, the same thing that is happening now, it would increase the cost of power for every business and household without room for solar or the money for the batteries. The normal power stations would continue struggling to provide power to them as the wind and the clouds surge in and out.

We are having very expensive power forced on to us to set a good example to China and India to save-da-planet which shows no sign of needing to be saved in the next 100 years.
The debarcle in power supply this summer shows that when governments start splashing money around interfering in markets, they invariably attract professional carpet baggers, rent seekers and con artists, providing expensive solutions which often FAIL.



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