Posted by: Grant | March 6, 2017

Chinese Clean Up Power Stations

Chinese premier promises faster progress to cut air pollution
Li Keqiang pushes for upgrade of coal-fired power plants in speech to annual National People’s Congress
“He said the government intends over the next year to step up work to upgrade coal-fired power plants to achieve ultra-low emissions and energy conservation, and prioritize the integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid.”

Failing to learn from the UK in the 50’s and the USA in the 60’s China has erected dozens of coal-fired power stations with no scrubbers. DURH!
Now they have created a big greenie problem for themselves. DURH – Again!


A modern Western power station “scrubs” all the pollutants – ash and smoke, sulphur, NOx, etc., etc., and recycles them.


Part of the scrubbing process uses water to dissolve out some of the pollutants – you can see from this picture that the “smoke” has a gap at the top of the chimney – it is steam.
The hot humid exhaust hits the relatively cold air and condenses – like on a car.


The carbon dioxide emitted from the smokestacks is biologically very active, promoting the growth of green plants on the land and in the sea by photosynthesis. 


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