Posted by: Grant | March 10, 2017

Head Of EPA Calls For Debate.

Ivanka, Ivanka – Talk To Your Father
Seems that the hope that Ivanka is going to reason with Trump on Climate Change is in vain.
The new head of the EPA is an unwavering sceptic, but using much more diplomatic language now. 

Pruitt actually calls for debate – the debate we never had.
Global warming was pounded into the conventional wisdom by thousands of sensationalist “scientists say” media reports which were never balanced and never questioned – why spoil a good doomsday story?

As the CNBC interviewer says “when I heard “the science is settled” its like I’ve never heard that – science has got to the point that – that’s the whole point of science, is that you keep asking questions, you keep askin questions, but I don’t wanna be called a Denier, you know it scares me, its a terrible thing to be called, anyway, Administrator Pruitt you don’t want to be called that either… “

Real deniers of course, deny what has happened, not what will happen. What will happen is always deniable.
Bring on the debate.


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