Posted by: Grant | March 10, 2017

Rabid Greenie

Australia, despite having huge reserves of the stuff, has run out of Natural Gas and prices are through the roof.

This is basically because grandstanding State Governments have banned “fraking” and the Gas companies are quite happy to have their product go from abundant to scarce domestically.

If you want to see what caused the problem just listen to this little rant on the Aussie National broadcaster from a rabid leftist.

BTW Natural gas is methane – CH4 – it produces four water molecules for every one carbon dioxide molecule when burned and thus is arguably much greener than any other carbon based fuel – but of course logic is never a factor in politics!!

ALSO – I defy you to cite any actual proven groundwater issues from fraking – like Global Warming and Nuclear it is a superstitious fear based on isolated incidents.


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