Posted by: Grant | April 3, 2017

Lies Damned Lies and Chas Licciardello Statistcs.

If you were dubious about this outrageous claim on “Planet America” that coal fired power “simply cost more”, you were right to be dubious, very dubious.


If you cover your roof with solar panels and wind turbines and plug them into a battery and go self-sufficient then you never have another power bill – BUT – the first power bill is a real killer. You are effectively paying all your power bills ahead for 20 years or more.
“Lazards Cost Of Energy Anaysis” that Licciardello cites above does exactly that. It spreads the huge cost of solar and wind power over decades and then calls the power they produce cheaper.

LCOEYou only need look at the above (wikipedia) definition of Levelized Cost Of Energy – LCOE – to realise that it is a classic “garbage in – garbage out” situation where, like climate models, you can keep adjusting your input until you get the desired output.

This author points out other issues with LCOE – – google it. 

“Lazards Cost Of Energy Analysis” misleads because it does not include the intrinsic cost of energy storage systems or Gas generators required by Solar and Wind generators. Energy storage considerably raises the needed capacity of these systems, and thus the cost, because high energy losses are incurred converting and storing the power. A large gas fired power station kept idling on standby is also not cheap and cannot be ignored.


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