Posted by: Grant | April 20, 2017

Scott Pruitt – FAIL

Groan. While Congress conducts the excellent inquiry into “the science” The new EPA head is not listening to it.
He needs to get climate change sceptic experts in to brief him ASAP.

Delingpole: EPA’s Scott Pruitt Gets Eaten Alive by Fox

“…How could Scott Pruitt not do this?Scott-Pruitt-Fox-News-Sunday-April-2-2017-640x480

Any one of us on the skeptical side of the argument could have pointed him to dozens of leading scientists — and hundreds if not thousands of papers and articles — that could easily have enabled Pruitt to say what needed to be said.

He could have noted the incompetence, corruption, and mendacity of the heavily politicized IPCC; the dishonest manipulation by organizations like NOAA — indeed especially NOAA — of the raw temperature data; the utter meaninglessness of the “hottest year evah” claims so often made in the liberal media.

And he could easily have batted off the “What if you’re wrong?” question by making perhaps the most important point of all that needs to be made about the “war” on “carbon”: that what it all comes down to is cost benefit analysis. To whit: the trillions of dollars being spent every year on the possibility that there might be a problem, a) could be spent much more usefully elsewhere and b) are doing more harm than good.

Pruitt was incapable of doing this though because, trained lawyer though he is, he is simply not on top of his brief…. “

There is simply no point in rolling back the demonization and politicisation of the plant food carbon dioxide if you are unable to refute the tired old arguments of “the science”.

POSTSCRIPT – what Scott could have said –

“Mr Pruitt there are all kinds of studies that contradict you the UN’s panel….”
I don’t know if you have ever noticed this Chris, but all climate changers are leftist liberals – the UN panel on “Climate Change” is never going to say there is nothing to worry about. Its whole reason to be is to generate climate change alarm. 

“NOAA says there is more carbon dioxide now than in the last 400,000 years…. “
Yes, but despite a huge human output of the gas the global temperature is still normal. The predicted dire effects are still not apparent. 

“NOAA says 2015 and 2016 are the hottest years on record… “
Since when? How much hotter?  The Earth has been warming since the Little Ice Age but it is not yet as warm as the Roman Warm period yet. Global temperature is well within normal natural variability. 

“What if you are wrong? What if it is causing dramatic climate change?… “
Despite massive fossil fuel burning there is no sign of any unusual global warming. Temperature variation is normal.

“Coal plants belching carbon emissions into the air… “
Carbon “emissions” are colourless odourless gaseous plant food. Properly regulated Coal Plants are not “belching” anything harmful into the air.



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