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Global Temperature – Normal?

Natural temperature variability.
If you google “global temperature” you will be astounded at how political it has become.
16 years ago we dropped a few thousand temperature probes (ARGO) into the Oceans and they have showed nothing – well a slight cooling if anything – a storm of controversy erupted because the ARGO were meant to show global warming. A great deal of correcting has had to be done to get rid of the slight cooling and explain why nothing is happening.

So how much does global temperature actually vary and how rapidly?
This article is fairly definitive – uses oxygen isotopes as a temperature indicator (proxy)

On a scale of 5 million years.five_myr_climate_change_rev
Global temperature now varies by about 8 degrees from ice age minimums to inter-glacial maximums.
The Earth was about 5 degrees hotter 5 million years ago.
Some time in the next few centuries New York, Chicago, Paris and Moscow will start to be buried in snow which does not melt in summer.

On a scale of 10,000 years.gisp-last-10000-new
Global temperature has varied by about 3.5 degrees.
The Minoan Warm period was about 1.6 degrees hotter than normal.
The Roman Warm period was about 1.5 degrees hotter than normal.
The Medieval Warm period was about 1 degree hotter than normal.
The Earth was about 1 degree hotter 10,000 years ago.

Over the Last 36 years (anomaly graph – the variation from normal)uah_lt_1979_thru_january_2017_v6-550x317
We have been able to measure the temperature of the whole Globe since 1980. Before that measured temperature data for the whole Earth simply did not exist.
As we now measure it, the Global temperature varies by about 1.5 degrees.
Spikes in 1998 and 2016 produced a natural Global temperature range of 0.8 degrees in about one year. The global temperature is self regulating. A spike of 0.8 degrees is quickly corrected.

These graphs show that global temperature is not static and it varies rapidly – about 8,000 years ago the global temperature rose 3.5 degrees in about 180 years that’s about 2 degrees in a only one century.
At present the global temperature is varying by about 0.8 degrees over the decades – all by itself – due to natural causes.

To claim that an observed or claimed warming of less than one degree must be human caused because the Earth’s temperature is otherwise static and does not vary enough by itself (“natural forcings”) is patently false and spurious. To claim human caused Global Warming, we must be able to take away the natural variation from the measured data. We can’t. If the Earth is warming it may be fossil fuels but it also may be perfectly natural.

Here, link, plotted from greenie data, is what the actual global temperature/year graph looks like – not very alarming is it? The global temp is still normal.nordhaus-4

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Lies Damned Lies Statistics & Models.

Lateline last night, as usual, fails to balance its item on preserving climate change data – so I will.

Changing the Propaganda –
First they complain that the Trump Administration is changing existing pro-Climate Change propaganda or deleting it altogether.
The American people have not only elected a climate sceptic President, they have elected a climate sceptic Congress.
It may be very unpalatable to rabid leftists and the mass media, but the democratically elected President and Congress have a mandate to alter and remove this dangerous, superstitious garbage.

Suppressing Data – Maybe?
Then the item deftly suggests that modifying the propaganda “might”, “may”, could possibly,  lead to suppressing the actual data being collected, implying the data proves the doomsday theory.
Data is data. The climate data being collected by NASA, et al., proves only one thing – climate is changing as it always has changed, well within normal, natural variation.
Why would Donald Trump or any other climate sceptic want to suppress data which clearly shows that the global temperature and the global climate change are perfectly normal and not unprecedented?

“Lies damned lies and statistics” – it is not the data but how it is manipulated and interpreted that is the issue.

As this greenie points out, the data in question is fed into a model of what “might”, “may”, could possibly, be the future climate of the planet IF the assumptions made in the model are correct.

Model Fallacies
The main assumptions always made in these models are that the Earth’s temperature is not changing all by itself, that the rise of two degrees will be all bad and that an insignificant man-made greenhouse gas effect will somehow be uniquely amplified by an permanent increase in global humidity.
“The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible” – a climate model is just an interpretation, it has no predictive value. With massive supercomputers we can model the weather a few days ahead but even that is not always predictive.

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Australia Faces An Energy Catastrophe

From a main aussie morning breakfast show –
This is what happens when you listen to greenies and not engineers.

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Climate, Disease & Big Green

Climate Change is a very long way in the future and its effects are pure speculation, especially its effects on disease, so it is no surprise then that a 3-day Junket by the CDC (C. for Disease Control) to discuss the need for large amounts of public money to be spent on researching speculative health problems was cancelled by the Trump administration and quickly revived by Al Gore and the multi-billion dollar Sierra Club.

These Al Jazerra English greenies are here having a spectacular hissy fit over the cancellation but only succeed in raising the mortal enemy of Climate Change – doubt – doubt in the mind of the public.  

He notes – The new head of the US EPA has a history of suing the agency over Climate Change and has referred to it as a spiritual belief (may have been reading this blog – perhaps).

Also, a native American Tribe has been given $48 million because their land has been reclaimed by the sea!!!

The Al Jazerra greenie then concludes with…
“…it will be a very hard four years for people who believe in man-made climate change.”so it is a spiritual belief after all then Andy?!

Sorry, I cut out the rant by the Sierra Club greenie. The Sierra Club is as far from science as you can get – google “Sierra Club George Soros” “In 2002, the Sierra Club reported $23,619,830 in revenues, and disclosed $107,733,974 worth of assets to the IRS. Among its financial supporters are the Bauman Family Foundation; the Beldon Fund; the Compton Foundation; the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation; the Ford Foundation; the Scherman Foundation; the Bullitt Foundation, the Energy Foundation, the Foundation for Deep Ecology, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Blue Moon Fund; the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation; the J.M. Kaplan Fund, Pew Charitable Trusts, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Turner Foundation, and, of course, George Soros.”

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Michael Mann Pops Up In Oz Heatwave.

capture-1Micheal Mann has turned himself into professional victim and gone on the talk circuit.

Now, while his fellow Americans are saying “yeah I got 30 inches of global warming in my yard” he is probably not going to sell many tickets for a doomsday warming, so with exquisite timing he pops up in the middle of an Australian heatwave – ca-ching!

You will listen in vain on the AUS ABC to hear specifically why he was attacked. You can google “hockey stick graph” and find out the whole sordid story.

He published a graph which was featured prominently by the UN IPCC in a Climate Change Report.

He converted tree rings into a graph of global temperature which showed that all other accepted temperature proxies and historical records were wrong, there was no medieval warm period or little ice age, and he then used a very creative flourish to add actual recorded temperature measurements onto the end of his tree ring graph results which then showed a sudden upswing in global temperature (like an ice hockey stick). Some outraged scientists got hold of his paper and found that he had calculated his tree ring temperature results in such a way that it would always produce the same result no matter what data was put in and that’s when the politicians got involved.

Now as far as leftists are concerned all he did was publish a graph which “illustrated” global warming and as such he “illustrated” what “all scientists” agree with. It doesn’t matter if the science he used was valid or not. He was just “illustrating” what was true and as such it was perfectly acceptable.

To claim he is a victim of “deniers” and vile abuse just simply begs the question – why?

I am reminded of the Christian analogy with doubting Thomas the Saint who had the temerity to question the resurrection – “29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:24-29.

Blessed are those who have not seen proof of Climate Change and yet have believed! Of course. Here is me thinking it was all science and could be questioned and debated. Silly me.

We now live in an era of “alternative facts” and faith-based science. 

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BLACKOUT – again!

See the greenie squirm – squirm greenie squirm
South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill blames everybody but himself for not providing adequate baseload power for his State.

Adelaide back in dark ages amid heatwave
The Australian12:00AM February 9, 2017

South Australia was plunged into a new power crisis last night when more than 40,000 homes across Adelaide had their electricity cut in heatwave conditions as distributor SA Power Networks imposed load-shedding on the city…

Last night’s blackouts were the latest in a series of outages over five months that have cost businesses millions of dollars and infuriated South Australians.

Liberal frontbencher Simon Birmingham, a South Australia senator, said it was further proof that the Weatherill Labor government “can’t keep the lights on” since last September’s statewide blackout.

“It’s a chronic failing that can only hurt investment confidence in the state,” Senator Birmingham told Adelaide’s The Advertiser last night.

“It’s a demonstration that ad-hoc state-based renewable energy targets have gone too far — when reliability can’t be maintained on a day the likes of which South Australia faces ­numerous times every single ­summer.”

Greenies should be smiled at indulgently, patted on the head, but NEVER be taken seriously.

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Electricity Bill Shorten Backpedals

– a little – Seems it’s not selling so well anymore Bill? – Don’t tell me.

Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten at the National Press Club in Canberra today.
The Australian 3:57PM January 31, 2017

electricity-bill-shorten‘Jobs in renewables’

Mr Shorten believes there are many blue collar jobs in wind and solar but he may be backing away from his strong renewable energy target. The Labor leader says a “proper renewable energy policy” will create jobs for Australians.

“There are real jobs, not just jobs for the scientists, but jobs for blue collar workers, jobs for engineers, jobs for designers.”

But although he was specifically questioned on the cost of Labor’s target to have half Australia’s energy generated from renewables by 2030 — more than double the government’s 2020 target — he would not say the 50 per cent figure.

“Let’s have a look at the opportunity cost of not acting on climate change: more drought, more … negative impact on our tourism industries, more extreme weather events,” he said.

“If we don’t take action on renewable energy, the costs will increase anyway, so let’s … not compare one proposition with a vacuum, because it’s not going to be a vacuum if we do nothing.”

Droughts are normal Bill, waiting, waiting, waiting.
The negative effect on tourism is climate alarmism, Bill.
Punters are ready take a chance on the weather Bill – their power bills have doubled!

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Alternative Facts – Electricity

FACT – A modern coal fired power station is a masterpiece of 100 years of mechanical engineering. It is the most thermally efficient fuel burning machine on the planet.
Located well outside the city it serves, it sends cheap power down a single corridor and captures tonnes of sulphuric acid, fly ash and all other pollutants from its furnaces and emits only harmless carbon dioxide, water vapour and warm water into the environment.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Coal fired power stations are outdated, dirty and polluting.

powerFACT – Our power bills started to “necessarily skyrocket” when the leftist/liberals adopted Climate Change as a cause célèbre and started to mandate “renewable power”. Our power bills more than doubled to try to make “renewables” more viable.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – The RET (Renewable Energy Target) and the Carbon Tax are only a small portion of our power bills, high power bills are caused by network costs – “gold plated poles and wires”.

FACT – “Renewable” power generators cannot provide baseload power because there is no practical energy storage system for them.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – “Renewable” power generators just need development of technology to become a real alternative for the gigawatts of power we consume daily. We can invent anything we need.

FACT – Mandating preference for “Renewable” power generation forces existing power stations to idle on standby and destroys their efficacy and efficiency and thus hugely increases the cost of their power.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – “Renewable” power generation is now cheaper than coal and it can freely compete with coal.

FACT – Nuclear Power is the only demonstrated viable alternative to fossil fuel generators. Four major accidents in 60 years, including a worst case scenario at Chernobyl, have proven it safe and effective. France has run on Nuclear Power for 50 years with no problems.
The explosion of tonnes of high level radiation into the environment at Chernobyl has had no discernible, measurable, negative effects. People have also lived on happily unaffected in the Fukushima zone.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Nuclear Power is dangerous and the storage of high level waste is a big problem.

FACT – Hydro electricity is very useful for supplementing base load power and it provides cheap clean renewable energy for many decades. It submerges a very small area of land but it is limited in scale by the number suitable dam sites in most countries.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Hydro is evil because it blocks rivers, inundates land, stops greenies in kayaks and affects some wild life.

FACT – Over 1 million houses have solar panels. These produce power in the middle of the day when it is not needed and all the people who live in apartments have to pay for the power the panels put back into the grid when it is not needed. Most of the houses only have a few panels which go nowhere near their power needs. In total, despite a huge cost, these millions of panels now contribute less than 1% of the volume of electricity that we need in our homes.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Over 1 million homes have solar panels which now contribute 9% of our generating capacity.

FACT – Lithium batteries such as the Tesla are not needed to store solar power for homes. Lead acid deep cycle batteries are better developed and cheaper – but still ridiculously expense.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Lithium batteries will solve the energy storage problem for rooftop P.V. when the price comes down. We can just invent anything we need to these days.

FACT – Turning around the world’s fossil-fuel-based energy system is a truly gargantuan task. That system now has an annual throughput of more than 7 billion metric tons of hard coal and lignite and more than 3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. This adds up to more than 14 trillion watts of power. And its infrastructure – coal mines, oil and gas fields, refineries, pipelines, trains, ships, power plants, transformers, transmission and distribution lines, constitutes the costliest and most extensive set of installations, networks, and machines that the world has ever built, one that has taken generations and tens of trillions of dollars to put in place. It is the work of generations of engineers.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – It is possible to displace this supersystem in a decade or two. Replacing it with a more complex system by inventing solutions to the as yet unsolved issues of the new technology.

FACT – Solar and wind power is very diffuse and dispersed. The shear weight and volume of the generators becomes a severe environmental problem as they are scaled up to provide our large scale power needs. The amount of metal, plastics and oil and energy they consume is astronomical and they need constant care and maintenance.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Once they are erected “renewables” generate free power.

FACT – Sadly, Solar and Wind is now big business. It employs thousands of people and is worth may billions per year. Never has so much been spent on so many for so little result. This huge industry was created by leftists to protect their save-da-planet ideology. No matter how useless and disappointing, it is difficult for such a large industry to be dismantled, they all vote.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Solar and Wind are a big success, producing valuable infrastructure, and will employ more and more people.

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Alternative Facts From The Left/Liberals

For the sake of balance here are some pre-existing “Alternative Facts” from the leftist/liberals side of politics:-


FACT – Climate Change is a spiritual belief – a prophesy of doom with devoted acolytes.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Climate Change is science and science can be decided by consensus and popular vote.

FACT – Climate Change proponents are generally leftist/liberals and opponents are generally rightist/conservatives.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Climate Change is put forward by concerned scientists with no political or economic agenda.

FACT – all green plants on earth and ocean are hungry for the gas carbon dioxide and absorb it greedily along with more sunlight and water in photosynthesis. The biosphere has always prospered with previous high carbon levels.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – the biosphere is unable to absorb, harmlessly or even beneficially, the output from burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are not natural, therefore bad.

FACT – water vapour is the Earth’s GHG. It is thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That carbon dioxide is the main global greenhouse gas.

FACT – even doubled, Carbon dioxide is a trivial GHG.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That a human-caused perturbation in global temperature is different to all other perturbations in global temperature in that it alone will somehow cause global humidity to rise dangerously with a “greenhouse” effect.

FACT – The global temperature is not static – it constantly varies all by itself.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That the global temperature is otherwise stable, therefore if it does warm it must be human-caused. The Earth is perfect and static and anything bad must be human-caused and anything human caused must be bad.

FACT – heat from the Sun and the Earth’s interior is buffered by the oceans and radiated back to space at the poles via gigantic, hugely complex, self-regulating, convective systems on a very long time scale. Heating the Earth with more CO2 is like trying to heat your bathwater with a fan heater.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That our global temperature is a real-time function of atmospheric “greenhouse” radiation effects.

FACT – global warming would have good effects and bad effects and the good effects could greatly compensate for the bad effects. We do not know.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – That a slight warming will be all disastrous. The Earth is perfect and stable and humans must always be causing a problem.

FACT – how and when an increase in global temperature would affect a particular climate is just not predictable and not necessarily bad.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – that warming will change all climate badly.

FACT – we haven’t been accurately recording global temperature or global meteorology long enough to establish a connection between warming and extreme weather.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – the Causing-all-the-bad-weather theory – Climate Change is here and now.

FACT – There is no causal connection between storms and Global Warming – they just made that up as they went along and got away with it because it sounds plausible. Agitating the atmosphere and causing severe drought at the same time is still a work in progress.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – The Causes-all-the-bad-weather-storms theory – that global warming will agitate the atmosphere and cause disastrous storms.

FACT – Sea level rise. For various reasons it would take a very long time for a small rise in the Earth’s GHG effect to melt that much ice – a very, very, long time. Far exceeding the useful lifetime of any affected coastal infrastructure.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Large puddles will form on kilometre thick ice sheets and seep down to break them up and cause them to “slide off” to accelerate the melting and rapidly drown coastal cities.

FACT – coral atolls rise and fall with the sea level because coral must be submerged at a shallow depth and can grow faster than the icecaps can melt and the waves can wash the coral away.
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Pacific islands are not only threatened by melting icecaps they are already going under!

FACT – there are tens and tens of thousands of large glaciers on Earth. Nobody has ever made a representative study of them and such a study would have to balance temperature effects with precipitation in the catchment and would rapidly get very complicated!
ALTERNATIVE FACT – Glaciers are melting due to climate change – no other reason.

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The Climate Changes

The Obama Climate Change page disappeared almost immediately upon Trump’s inauguration.


~meLet us just hope. Let us just hope that, at last, we will see some objective reporting of the issue in the media instead dismissing the opposing science out of hand because “all scientists agree”. Anyone who can google it quickly realises that all scientists DO NOT agree!
Let us hope that when some greenie pops up in the middle of summer claiming the Globe is warming or that Climate Change is happening now because of what could be a normal natural variation, we will give the opposition some right of reply.

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