Posted by: Grant | July 29, 2013

Aussie PM Sniggers And Sneers At “Denier”

It is tragic for the centre-left aussie Australian Labor Party that they have classified all sceptics as rabid rightists like Andrew Bolt and ignored the growing debate on “the science” and aligned themselves with the extreme-left Australian Greens.


This interview begs the obvious questions being asked by the public –
“if climate change is so real and so dangerous” why have you just reduced the ‘carbon price’ by one third and why is your carbon target only a paltry 5%?
how can it be called a ‘market solution’ when the ‘market’ is determined by a cap set by governments and by free permits distributed by governments and by ‘offsets’ like papal indulgences

Full interview The Bolt Report – Kevin Rudd

POSTSCRIPT – Yes that is the new, recycled, aussie PM. The hapless ALP panicked at bad polls and exchanged Julia Gillard for Kevin 07 who, realising that he is only there to “save the furniture” at the upcoming election, is using his return to re-establish himself on the diplomatic scene. First thing he did was to literally line up all the foreign diplomats in Canberra to kiss his ring. untitled

 Then he started buzzing around in the Jet again, Indonesia, PNG, Afghanistan, and he is already refusing to do as he’s told. There is just no way he will call the election before the G20 Summit, he’s been phoning all the world leaders to say “hi – I’m back” – here.  We’re stuck with him for the duration now.

The pollsters, realising that they can actually change an Australian Prime Minister have become a major political player and Kevin07, a master at the Polls, is basking in the glory. The punters just want their voting pencils back.


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